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Return Policy
Return Policy
WaterCare International will honor return of product/s provided that:
  1. the product/s is returned unused, untampered, and/or undamaged
  2. the product is returned complete with original packaging, manuals, and all parts intact and in good condition
  3. the orginal invoice is returned together with the product/s.
  4. return is made within seven (7) days from invoice date.
  5. product is returned at the same branch/outlet it was bought.
The following items shall NOT be accepted for return or exchange even within the fifteen (15) days period.
  1. Consumable items such as filter cartridges, R.O. membranes, UV Lamp, UV Quartz Sleeve that have been opened and/or used (including but not limited to soaked in or wet with water.
  2. Electrical adaptor, power supply, UV ballast, R.O. motor, and pumps that have been installed and/or commissioned already.
  3. Products found to be damaged in anyway due to wrong/improper installation, misuse, mishandling and/or any other external factors.
  4. Products installed and/or serviced by personnel other than an authorized WaterCare Installer.
  5. Product/s, parts, components and/or other items that are customized and/or specially ordered by/or for a client whether directly purchased, imported and/or indented from a supplier locally and/or from abroad.
  6. Product/s, parts, components and other items that are not part of the standard product line of WaterCare and have been purchased from another supplier/distributor/company on the request and/or approval of the client and/or client authorized representative.
  1. The client shall be responsible in shouldering the shipping cost for the returned and/or replacement of the product to and/or from WaterCare.
  2. Product/s must be returned to the WaterCare before any refund or exchange can be done.
  3. The branch will only accept the product/s, it shall then be sent to our head office for further evaluation and processing.
  4. A restocking fee will be charged for return made beyond the seven (7) days period.
  5. Return will be allowed for up to a maximum of seven (7) days from invoice day only.
  6. The cost of all missing parts and/or components for returned products will be deducted from the total amount to be refunded.

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