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Purolite® Corporation is a privately owned company, established in 1981. Since that time, Purolite has grown to become a leading supplier of specialty resins for the ion exchange, catalyst, absorbents and specialty applications markets worldwide. 

Purolite has a global manufacturing capability with factories in Philadelphia USA, Victoria Romania, and Hangzhou China coupled with an established network of sales offices, distributors and agents located close to our customers. Purolite continues to develop its manufacturing capacity, product quality and innovation through investment in new equipment and improved research facilities.

Purolite has the largest commitment to R&D of any resin producer globally with five R&D facilities in China, Romania, Russia , UK, and USA.  We strive to develop products that will give our customers a competitive edge. Our ability to quickly custom configure a solution that fits each client's requirements is what sets Purolite apart from the competition.

Our research and development is aimed at perfecting our existing products, discovering new products for existing applications and finding new applications for our core technologies. Collaboration with our customers on specific needs is key to our success. Purolite is committed to developing products that have the minimum possible environmental impact and is a prime manufacturer and distributor of products which are widely used in; pharmaceutical production; microchips (where our low TOC resins meet the demand for Ultra Pure water for manufacturing semiconductors); potable water; chemical and refining industries; catalysis; the food and beverage industry; metals extraction; metals finishing; electroplating; nuclear power generation; chromatographic separation and adsorbent chemistries.

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