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Trojan UV
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Trojan UV Fit
Trojan UV Fit
12/5/2010 10:27:30 PM


Depending on site and design conditions, wastewater treatment plants producing filtered effluent sometimes prefer a disinfection solution using closed-vessel or pressurized UV reactors.

The TrojanUVFit™ offers an effective and energy-efficient closed-vessel UV solution. This compact reactor is available in multiple configurations to treat a wide range of flow rates. The streamlined hydraulic profile of closed-vessel systems disinfect filtered effluent without breaking head in the treatment process. These benefits along with UV’s ability to provide environmentally-friendly, chemical-free treatment for chlorine resistant microorganisms (such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia) make the TrojanUVFit™ closed-vessel solution an attractive option for wastewater disinfection.

Regulatory-Endorsed Bioassay Validation
Performance data is generated from actual field testing over a wide range of flow rates and water quality (UV transmission).The bioassay testing conducted on the reactors offers peace of mind and improved public and environmental safety due to verified dose delivery – not theoretical calculations.
Compact Reactor for Installation Flexibility
The reactor's compact footprint simplifies installation and minimizes related capital costs. Lamps and sleeves are fully serviceable from the reactor end – allowing the system to be installed against walls, other equipment or piping. Multiple flange orientations are also available – increasing design flexibility.
Amalgam Lamps Require Less Energy
These energy efficient lamps only draw 250 Watts per lamp. They have been validated to provide 98% of the original UV output during entire lamp life – 20% less decline than competitive UV lamps.
Built for Reliable Performance and Easy Maintenance
Access to internal components (lamps, sleeves, cleaning system) can be done through the service entrance at one end. A safety switch automatically deactivates the reactor if the service entrance cap is removed - added protection for operators. To minimize O&M, the reactors have an automatic wiping system to maintain sleeve cleanliness and an intensity sensor continuously monitors UV output to ensure dose delivery.

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