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Trojan UV Swift SC
Trojan UV Swift SC
12/5/2010 10:20:44 PM


Designed to meet the needs of  large and small communities, the TrojanUVSwift™SC incorporates energy-efficient, low-pressure lamps. 

With units designed to treat flow rates of 15 GPM to 15.4 MGD (0.6 to 2430 m3/hr), these compact, robust UV systems offer communities an efficient, economical solution for drinking water disinfection.

Like all Trojan drinking water products, the TrojanUVSwift™SC is bioassay validated, having undergone rigorous DVGW and USEPA certification to ensure verified dose delivery, maximum public safety and peace of mind. It’s engineered and built to provide reliable performance, simplified maintenance, and reduced operating costs with innovative features like a hydraulically optimized, “L-shaped” reactor, high-intensity amalgam lamps and optional automatic or manual sleeve wiping.

Compact Reactor for Installation Flexibility
The efficient reactor can be installed vertically or horizontally, increasing installation options. The lamps and sleeves are fully serviceable from one side – allowing the system to be installed tight to walls, other equipment or piping. The “L-shaped” reactor design is also 40% more efficient than “U-shaped” systems.
Bioassay Validated Performance
All TrojanUVSwift™SC units are certified for source water of various qualities, having been DVGW bioassay tested under a range of UV transmittances (UVT) and flow rates. Bioassay performance data for the TrojanUVSwift™SC line was generated under the worst-case orientation – with a 90° elbow at the inlet. 
Energy Efficient, High-Output Amalgam Lamps
The TrojanUVSwift™SC requires 1/2 to 1/3 fewer lamps to deliver the required dose compared to traditional UV systems using low-pressure lamps. With fewer lamps, the TrojanUVSwift™SC is compact and draw less energy than competitive high-output systems – minimizing capital and operating costs.
Robust Sleeve Wiping Systems
The automatic wiping systems minimize fouling of the quartz sleeves. The system operates online while the lamps are disinfecting, reducing downtime.

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