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Trojan UV
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Trojan UV Max K
Trojan UV Max K
12/5/2010 10:06:38 PM

The TrojanUVMax™ K series has been improved due to the ability of the lamp to deliver a constant, reliable dose. Customers can now feel comfortable treating ice-cold waters and hot water recirculation lines, in a cool basement or a hot pump house.  

Using an amalgam based lamp the K series offers more intensity in a more compact footprint. These lamps have a two year lamp life. A CoolTouch fan is included in every system in order to significantly reduce the water temperature in the reactor during times of low or no flow.  

The system controller is equipped with an intuitive interface allowing for ease of maintenance and troubleshooting for the operator.

Application: Light Commerical 

Flow Rate: 80 USGPM (303 lpm) 

Inlet/outlet port size: 2” MNPT


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