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Model 20600-03 (Black)
Model 20600-03 (Black)
11/28/2009 11:51:14 PM

These units are designed with the chemically sensitive in mind. The HealthWay advanced air cleaner system model 20600-03 is the ultimate air purification systems in reducing airborne microorganisms for an improved indoor air environment.

Main Features

1.     FDA Regulatory Class II Medical Device used to remove particles from the air for medical purposes

2.     Electronic 3 speed setting unit is effective on all 3 settings

3.     Main Filter Replacement Monitoring Light. Monitors the filters and alerts when filters are clogged and need to be changed

4.     Unique vacuum cleanable and reversible filters to increase capacity for longer life

5.     Bio-monitoring light that assure the advanced air cleaner is operating at optimum efficiency

6.     Cabinet construction. High Impact ABS, four castors for easy gliding

7.     Two handle grips for easy movement


1.     Electronic Control Panel
-Filter Light: Monitors filter efficiency and indicates when to replace filter
-Bio-Monitor light: Shows the Enhanced Media Filtration (EMF) is working at peak efficiency
-Convenient three speed control
-Low speed: ULTRA quite air flow mode

2.     100% Sealed Filtration -  As incoming air passes through the 100% sealed filter chamber, the advanced air cleaner system captures 0.3 micron particles which is a respirable particulate size. The HealthWay advanced air cleaner system captures 4x the particles as similar sized HEPA filtration systems.

3.     For medical purposes, the HealthWay Advanced Air Purification System is used to remove particles from the air.

4.     100% Sealed Filtration

5.     Dual Air Intake Blower
-Drives a consistent volume of air & provides quiet operation.

6.     6 Stage Filter
-Provides particulate prefiltering and multiple gas/chemical scrubbing
-Dual pre-filters are cleanable for extra particulate reduction
-Carbon/Zeolite media for gas odor and chemical reduction

7.     360 Degree Air Entry Design - Allows placement anywhere ensuring all of the room air is treated

8.     Four Stage Filter
-10 Micron Pre-filter - Zeolite
-10 Micron Pre-filter - Honeycomb Activated Carbon

9.     Wattages:
High - 125w
Medium - 75w
Low - 65w

10.  CFM:
- 200 CFM
Medium - 130 CFM
Low - 70 CFM

Replaceable Filter
As similiar to HEPA Media
Filter with 4 times the capture as similiar sized HEPA

15” width / 16“ depth / 27” height / 36lbs.

Decibel/CFM Levels
Speed 1- 70 CFM 45 db.
Speed 2- 130 CFM 51 db.
Speed 3- 200 CFM 58 db.

Maximum Coverage Area
1000 sq ft on maximum fan speed
an 8.5 ceiling height.

System efficiency for particles
99.99% at .3 microns.

Energy consumption
220 volt- 60Hz, all components UL certified.

Available Color
Black and Dove White

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