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Badger Meter Badger Meter is a leading manufacturer and marketer of flow measurement and control products, serving water utilities, municipalities and industrial customers worldwide. Measuring a variety of liquids, from potable water to oil and lubricants, to industrial processes, our products are known for their high degree of accuracy, long-lasting durability, and their ability to provide valuable and timely measurement information to our customers. Our flow metering products and meter reading systems allow our customers to improve their operations and effectively manage their resources.

Founded in 1905, Badger Meter has earned an international reputation as an innovator in the development of flow measurement technologies. From our original "frost-proof" meter bottom, to our technologically advanced automatic meter reading (AMR) systems, our people and products have served the utility, municipal, and industrial marketplace by understanding our customers business needs, and designing and producing valuable products that help our customers reach their goals. Badger Meter is a publicly held company and its stock began trading on the American Stock Exchange in 1971. Since June 2008, the stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange, under the symbol "BMI".

Filmtec FilmTec Corporation is a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company and part of the Dow Water & Process Solutions business. They make high-quality reverse osmosis and nanofiltration elements for a wide variety of industrial, municipal, commercial and home drinking water applications. Dow also produces DOWEX™ ion exchange resins, as well as a variety of specialty water separation products.
Healthway HealthWay offers advanced air purification solutions with its exclusive medically-approved and listed EMF technology used in its line of portable air cleaners. The EMF technology is the most significant advancement in the IAQ industry in years and gives people total control of their indoor space. Healthway prides itself on its research and development of new products, always on the leading edge of advanced air solutions.
Hydranautics Since its founding in 1963, Hydranautics has been committed to the highest standards of technology research, product excellence and customer satisfaction. Hydranautics entered the reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment field in 1970, and is now one of the most respected and experienced firms in the membrane separations industry. Hydranautics became part of the Nitto Denko Corporation when it was acquired in 1987. Hydranautics corporate headquarters is located in the city of Oceanside, California in a 160,000 ft2 (1600 m2) manufacturing facility residing on 14 acres, all owned by Hydranautics.

Hydranautics' continuing commitment to research and technology results in the ongoing development of a range of specialized membrane products. Hydranautics' products are currently in use on seven continents throughout the world for such diverse applications as potable water, boiler feedwater, industrial process water, wastewater treatment, surface water treatment, seawater desalination, electronic rinse water, agricultural irrigation and pharmaceuticals.
Pentair Water Pentair is a global diversified operating company serving the commercial, industrial, municipal and residential markets through innovative solutions under strong brand names. Pentair’s Water Segment – including global Filtration, Flow Technologies, and Pool and Spa businesses – helps deliver safe, clean water to people who need it. Pentair’s Technical Products Segment helps protect electrical and electronic equipment and the people who use it. With 13,400 employees worldwide, Pentair generated 2008 sales of $3.35 billion.


Pentair Filtration is the leading global provider of component and system solutions for the treatment and filtration of air, gas, water and other fluids. The business serves a range of markets including residential, commercial, industrial and municipal. Pentair Filtration products range from control valves, pressure vessels, drinking water systems, filter housings, carbon block and cartridge filters for residential applications; filtration systems, pumps and flow technologies for commercial applications; filter housings, membranes, coalescing media, particulate filtration media elements and other separation technologies for industrial applications; and membrane housings for municipal applications.

Pentair Filtration brands include Everpure, SHURflo, Fleck, Structural, PENTEK, WellMate, CodeLine, and Pentair Industrial.

Procon Pumps The origins of the PROCON positive displacement, rotary vane pump trace back to 1948. PROCON pumps were manufactured beginning in 1950 and continue to the present day. PROCON Products has enjoyed considerable success over the years and is now the leading manufacturer in its markets throughout the world with manufacturing plants located in Mexico, Ireland, Australia and Japan. PROCON Products was acquired in 1966 by Standex International, a corporation publicly traded on the New York stock exchange (NYSE: SXI).

Purolite® Corporation is a privately owned company, established in 1981. Since that time, Purolite has grown to become a leading supplier of specialty resins for the ion exchange, catalyst, absorbents and specialty applications markets worldwide. 

Purolite has a global manufacturing capability with factories in Philadelphia USA, Victoria Romania, and Hangzhou China coupled with an established network of sales offices, distributors and agents located close to our customers. Purolite continues to develop its manufacturing capacity, product quality and innovation through investment in new equipment and improved research facilities.

Purolite has the largest commitment to R&D of any resin producer globally with five R&D facilities in China, Romania, Russia , UK, and USA.  We strive to develop products that will give our customers a competitive edge. Our ability to quickly custom configure a solution that fits each client's requirements is what sets Purolite apart from the competition.

Our research and development is aimed at perfecting our existing products, discovering new products for existing applications and finding new applications for our core technologies. Collaboration with our customers on specific needs is key to our success. Purolite is committed to developing products that have the minimum possible environmental impact and is a prime manufacturer and distributor of products which are widely used in; pharmaceutical production; microchips (where our low TOC resins meet the demand for Ultra Pure water for manufacturing semiconductors); potable water; chemical and refining industries; catalysis; the food and beverage industry; metals extraction; metals finishing; electroplating; nuclear power generation; chromatographic separation and adsorbent chemistries.

Sterilight UV
Trojan UV

The success of Trojan Technologies is a story of vision, ingenuity, and unwavering confidence in the tremendous potential of ultraviolet (UV) light as a technology to safeguard the world's water. 

From offices and facilities in eight countries, the more than 600 global employees of Trojan are united by an unwavering commitment to deliver advanced water treatment solutions that make water safety a reality worldwide.

A series of strategic acquisitions allowed the company to continue its diversification into other important markets.

Today, under the leadership of Marvin DeVries, Trojan Technologies continues its growth and success by building water confidence around the world. With annual sales well in excess of $100 million, the company has emerged as a leading player in its five focus markets - municipal drinking water, municipal wastewater, environmental contaminant treatment, industrial/commercial applications, and consumer water purification systems. In fact, every day, Trojan systems treat over 17 billion gallons of water through the application of safe, environmentally friendly treatment technologies. .
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